WASHING: Taking care of your sportswear, will ensure that the items purchased will have a longer life. 

We advice to wash all sportswear in cold water with mild laundry detergent. Wash all sportswear separately from your normal day to day clothing. Keep away from fabric softener since it may stain items. 

Drying: Air dry is always recommended or If drying make sure it's in low settings. 

DRAWSTRINGS: All garments with drawstrings should be tied in a bow before machine washing and drying.

NO BLEACH: keep your colors bright: wash with similar colors and fabrics

SEAMLESS: All seamless should be

  • machine washed separately 
  • gentle cycle  
  • mild detergent
  • cold water.
  • Stay away from fragrances,
  • dyes
  • brighteners and
  • softeners
  • We recommend air-drying by laying clothing on a clean flat service.
  • Stay clear of velcro, bands or anything abrasive to prevent damage.

LOGO: If you noticed the logo is wrinkled after drying you may iron it. Note: FROM THE INSIDE ON A LOW SETTING to smooth out logo *DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT IRON ON TOP OF LOGO*